Microsoft – a wealth of information about Microsoft products for your business is listed below. If you have questions, please call us at 724-235-8750 or email us at

Microsoft Server 2008 R2 – The server platform from Microsoft. Give your businesses power with a Microsoft-based server!

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 – Email & integrated communications server technology. Learn what Exchange technology can do for your business!

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 – Document management from Microsoft – in house or from anywhere! Read more about the new changes to SharePoint 2010…

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Microsoft database engine

Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 – Bundled server products, priced low for businesses with under 75 PC’s.

Microsoft Server Foundations 2008 – Inexpensively priced server operating system from Microsoft makes entry to a server for your business easier than ever. Accommodates up to 15 user connections.

Microsoft HyperV Server – Virtualization technology, FREE from Microsoft! Harness the power of virtualization.

Microsoft Office 2010 – The very best in business productivity software: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher & more! Great changes for the 2010 Office. Available in a variety of Suite packages.

Microsoft Windows 7 – (it was actually MY idea)…. Learn what’s new, compare editions, learn the Top 10 Reasons to Move to 7.

Malware Resources:

Malwarebytes – Fantastic FREE tool to help you remove malicious software (malware) from your PC!

What is Malware? Find out from Wikipedia…

ArticleHow to Stop Malware – via Popular Mechanics

Wireless Networking

ArticleTop Wireless Networking Mistakes

ArticleWireless Networks & Reliability

ArticleWireless Network Standards: Is there a Difference between 802.11b 802.11a 802.11g and 802.11n?

ArticleWhy we get so much SPAM