Eliminate the Possibility of Losing Your Data, Get Back Up in Minutes After a Disaster, and Finally Sleep Well At Night!

If you lost all your data today, could you do business tomorrow?

There are so many ways you can lose data: environmental disasters like electrical fires, floods (or sprinkler systems!), storms…. employees deleting information by accident (or on purpose!)…. corruption of data (it happens all the time and the information is not recoverable!)…. hardware failures (how old is YOUR server?)

Protect your business and get the power to get back up and running in minutes, not days or weeks with Compliancy IT’s ServerGuard.

  • Backups are monitored daily to ensure complete backups to our secure cloud.
  • If there is a problem with the backup, we investigate the issue & fix it – FREE of charge.
  • Full Server Backups. That means you can restore an ENTIRE SERVER in minutes. Either on new hardware, or in the cloud to get you back up and running – fast.
  • We actually TEST the restoration of your data at regular intervals to make sure you have a good backup. Is your current IT provider or backup solution doing that for you right now?
  • NO OBLIGATION – You don’t think this is the VERY BEST backup solution that can save your business in the event of the disaster? Cancel ServerGuard in the first 60 days, and pay NOTHING. That’s how much we believe in the solution we deploy.
So maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t have a server and I want a cheaper, less elegant solution so that I know my files are backed up.”

Not a problem! Compliancy IT’s DataGuard is for you! Choose specific files or folders to backup to our secure and encrypted cloud. Although DataGuard only backups up your data once a day, we can still restore any file or folder that you need, we still monitor the backups to make sure they complete successfully, and you can rest peacefully knowing that you have a backup of your data in a secure cloud location.

Both Compliancy IT’s ServerGuard and DataGuard are part of our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
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