At InTech, we not only feel a commitment to the community, but also a strong commitment to be environmentally responsible.

Each year an astounding amount of PC’s, laptops, servers, battery backups, monitors, and network equipment end up in landfills.

Here are just a few reasons why pitching technology is NOT a best practice:

Discarded electronics waste valuable resources.

Electronic products are made up of valuable resources, including precious and other metals, engineered plastics, and glass which require energy to source and manufacture. Many of these products contain parts that can be profitably refurbished and reused with little effort.

Discarded electronics may contain hazardous or toxic substances.

Some electronic products (notably those with cathode ray tubes or CRTs, circuit boards, batteries, and mercury switches) contain hazardous or toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. There is concern, particularly at the state and local levels, that these products might pose some environmental risks if they are not properly managed at end-of-life.

Your data can be compromised.

If you throw away your PCs without destroying the hard drives or your backup tapes/drives without destroying the media, it is possible for thieves to steal your sensitive information.

This is why InTech Solutions, Inc. has partnered with eLoop, LLC in Plum, PA to recycle your end of life technology.

eLoop assures:

  • Landfill avoidance of 98% of all material
  • Nothing is processed by Prison Labor
  • No untested / non-working electronic equipment is exported to developing countries
  • All Reclaimed commodity grade materials are resold

eLoop also provides data destruction services as well.

And InTech will carry off your end of life technology, at no charge to our clients.*

You can learn more about eLoop here:

*Excludes CRT monitors. eLoop charges a fee for accepting CRT monitors of $10, that we pass along to our clients.