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Fast Track Your MSP's CMMC Compliance, Keep The Clients You Already Have, And Be The Go-To Firm For Defense Contractors

Its clear: now MSP’s must implement CMMC at the same level as their clients… That means if your client needs a CMMC Level 2 Certification, so do you. 

We work hard to secure our clients, many times putting our own companies LAST.   

Putting ourselves FIRST is not only vital to the security of clients, with the CMMC Rule going final in the fall, it’s imperative to implement all 110 controls by the end of this year. 

But how do you balance implementing your own program while continuing to help clients reach the implementation finish line by the end of the year? 

Join Leia Kupris Shilobod, CISM, where she’ll show you the easier and most efficient way to implement CMMC in your MSP and not only keep the clients you have, but position yourself as the go-to IT firm Defense Contractors turn to on their journey.

We will cover: 

  • The simple system to implement all 110 controls by the end of the year 
  • The tools you can and CANNOT use to manage and secure yourself (and your clients) 
  • A guide to NIST 800-171 implementation at your MSP (HINT: Its different than for your clients!) 
  • How to manage your compliance alongside the load of your clients 

Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2024 

Time: 1PM Eastern 


CMMC Implementation Conference (CIC 2024) March 13 – 15


CMMC is coming.   Learn the tips and techniques you need to succeed in this rapidly changing market at CIC2024.

Unlike other CMMC conferences, CIC2024's carefully curated tracks are tailored to you and your specific role.

*We are a proud sponsor of this event. Stop by our booth and join Leia for her can’t miss session.

IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp: Presented by TMT/Robin Robins April 2-5


Every year we choose a FUN theme for Boot Camp. After all, you don’t need to be “Boring Basil” to learn how to make “one-hundred million” as an MSP (cue pinky finger). Smashing, baby!

That’s why this year’s theme is all about getting more MOJO in your Marketing featuring the International Master Of Marketing herself, Robin Robins, along with her usual crew of mad geniuses, sales-swingers and a handful of Fembots ready to show you how to groove your way to more moola to the tune of Soul Bossa Nova. Yeah, baby!!!

*We are a proud sponsor of this event. Stop by our booth and join Leia for her can’t miss session.