We LOVE our Clients, we even have an CompliancyIT Principle that declares that importance and tells us how to act and communicate with clients.

Principle #2: CompliancyIT Is The Team And The Clients. The Principle tells us:

2.2 The team and each individual understand that we are supporting PEOPLE, not technology. The computers don’t need us, the people do.

  1. Respond to situations understanding you are helping PEOPLE.

2.3 There is no CompliancyIT without our Clients.

  1. We love our clients, we are passionate about delivering to them, so we must show them that love
  2. For everyone to be successful, properly manage Client perceptions and expectations
  3. If they don’t know what you did, then you didn’t really do it!
  4. Repeat what the client say to you in your own words to assure you understand.
  5. Communicate clearly your intentions to take action and descriptions of what they need to do for everyone to be successful
  6. Follow up all verbal communication in writing via email (ticket)
  7. Remember: with clients, no geek-speak!
Do we follow our Principles?
See what our Clients have to say!

"All-Around Excellence!" 

With CompliancyIT, it's about doing everything right. They're there for quick advice, they visit onsite when we need them, and they're available 24/7. Plus, they help us buy great equipment and always keep our security in mind. They truly have it all covered.

Bill Voegele President

"Top-Tier Expertise In Compliance and Convenience" 

CompliancyIT has been a game-changer for us, especially with government compliance. If you're on the fence about choosing them, know this: their expertise in networking and security is truly exceptional. And their added services, like helping buy equipment, make everything smoother. They've made our tech journey a breeze.

Aaron Goodman CEO
Petra Power

"Time-Saving and Cost-Effective Excellence" 

Since partnering with CompliancyIT, I've drastically cut down the time I spend on keeping systems up and running. The whole company benefits from their reliable, secure, and professional services. They truly understand our unique needs as a manufacturer and provide top-notch support at a reasonable cost. If you're undecided, trust us—there's absolutely nothing to complain about with CompliancyIT.

Alan Stehman CEO
Cannon Boiler Works

"Swift and Professional—A Complete IT Solution" 

CompliancyIT's team impresses us with their professionalism and speedy service. They react quickly to our needs, which is truly impressive. If you don't have an in-house IT team, CompliancyIT is the complete solution you've been searching for.

Xavier Romano Executive Director
Kappa Delta Rho National Fraternity

“You Got Our Network Problems Resolved – Fast!”

Thank you, CompliancyIT for your awesome IT Management and 24/7 security protection. Your staff seamlessly upgraded our server and networking without a hitch. The most important aspect of your service is no drop off with us being able to serve our clients. Looking forward to another year and more with your awesome company.

Bill Utzman Vice President
Morris Knowles & Associates
Engineering Services

“The Technology CompliancyIT Deployed Helps Us Improve Our Manufacturing Process”

The scan stations set up on our plant floor allow us to gather data which provides accountability, and helps us improve our manufacturing process. We like working with CompliancyIT because they are much more responsive to our numerous needs than our prior IT provider. CompliancyIT is different than other IT companies because they build relationships and trust which is absolutely paramount.

J.P. Habets Former Owner
H & W Global, Metals Finisher

"CompliancyIT Came Highly Recommended."

We chose CompliancyIT because they came highly recommended by our CPA. Any time we have problems, they are right on it, or handle it remotely. Our computers are faster, we can complete work faster, and we have less downtime.

Jan Rudy Accountant
McDonald, Snyder & Lightcap, PC
Law Firm

“I Get A Sense Of Relief Knowing CompliancyIT Has Our Back!”

With all of the hacking, spam, and phishing emails going on in the world, I get a sense of relief knowing that CompliancyIT has our back and is always looking to make sure our systems are safe for our staff and our members. We continue to choose CompliancyIT because there is never a delay with service. If we have an issue they are right on top of it immediately. Let’s be honest, computer systems have problems from time to time. Having someone to address those problems and to do it quickly is what provides the value in the firm you choose.

Chad Amond Past President
Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce

“No More Side-Tracking From IT Nuisances – Now We Can Focus On Our Core Business!”

Leia and the CompliancyIT team have provided first rate support, and more than that, they are a true partner. They have provided us an honest assessment of our IT infrastructure and enhanced our ability to focus on our core function as a ...MoreLeia and the CompliancyIT team have provided first rate support, and more than that, they are a true partner. They have provided us an honest assessment of our IT infrastructure and enhanced our ability to focus on our core function as a business, rather than being side-tracked by IT "nuisances". I'd highly recommend Leia and her team to be IT support provider for any business, regardless of size.

Randy Hutzler Manager
Enterprise Solutions, Learning Sciences International, Educational Consulting

“Best Value For Services. You Get What You Pay For!”

We have noticed a big benefit using CompliancyIT’s web filter. It has allowed us to keep employees off dangerous sites and give access to company approved sites. I appreciate the proactive mindset and new industry best practices they employ. CompliancyIT offers the best value for their services. You get what you pay for, and your IT is one of your biggest assets. Make sure it's protected. That isn't a lesson you want to learn the hard way!

Colby Ruffner Former Systems Administrator
Bethlen Communities

“Hire The Princess!!”

Since Leia (The IT Princess of Power) and her team know their jobs, I don’t have to pull my hair off to figure anything out! I can finally work! No More Bugs!

Ann Kovalcik Vice President
Twin Pines Manufacturing

“Response Time Is Awesome”

CompliancyIT installed a solid wifi solution that is consistent, reliable and covers all three floors of our old building with no dead spots – this is a first for us in this space! Adding a proper internet filtering system gives us peace of mind knowing that employees are not viewing questionable websites on company time. Response time is awesome. We hear back quickly to solve computer issues we have. They are a locally owned family business which cares about their customers. You are more than just a number with CompliancyIT, give them a call.

Andreas Beck CEO
Beyond Spots & Dots

"My Only Regret Was Not Making The Change Sooner."

I was very concerned about the downtime we might experience in our email migration, and am both surprised and pleased with how smoothly everything went. I have a ton of emails, and was very concerned about losing them.  The down time was minimal, and I really didn’t miss a beat.  The new email is working great, it is sooooooo much faster than the old email we had.  We have probably been using our cheapest option in the past, and as you said, you get what you pay for.  My only regret is not making the change sooner.

Maryann White-Helfferich Owner
Kelly Sparber White PC, CPA Firm

"Not only do we find a cost savings, but we find competence in all areas."

As a mid-sized company it doesn’t make sense to have in-house IT. We need to be cost-effective. With CompliancyIT, not only do we find that cost-savings, but we find competence in all areas. It is almost impossible to get that from just one in-house guy. Quality and accessibility is the key benefit from choosing CompliancyIT.

Lutz Heidrich Plant Manager
Hennecke USA
Polymers Manufacturer

“Came In On Time And Under Budget!”

We greatly appreciate exceptional support you and your team have shown us during the startup phases of Agile Space Industries. CompliancyIT came in on-time and under budget. Highly unusual these days for an IT company and very impressive……. So thank you all very much!!!

Buck Helfferich Past President
Agile Space Industries (formerly Tronix 3D)
Additive Manufacturer

“We Can Tell How Passionate You Are About Serving Our Business”

I want to thank you Leia, and your team for doing a great job for us here at Arch Tool. Your team reacts to our situations very promptly and skillfully. I can tell how passionate you are as a leader and how well it reflects through your team. You guys have a great organization.

Jim Gray President
Siem Tool
Tooling Manufacturer

"Always There for Us!" 

Since teaming up with CompliancyIT, we know someone's always ready to fix our problems fast. Before them, we really struggled. If you're thinking about choosing them, go for it! They're not just helpful, but also super friendly. We love working with them.

Jane Bradley Controller
Kiczan Manufacturing

"Quick, Reliable, and Secure" 

Because of their focus on compliance and security, we're confident our patient data and payments are safe. They're quicker to reply and fix issues than anyone we've used before. If you're on the fence, don't be. They're always quick to help, reliable, and keep everything running smooth.

Belenda Minton Office Manager
Kiski Valley Animal Clinic

“Unsolicited Positive Feedback From Our Team!”

Since we started working with you, this is the 3rd time I’ve received positive, unsolicited feedback concerning your team’s customer service.  Thank you!

Andy Kunselman Fulfillment Manager
Learning Sciences International, Educational Counseling

"We Saved Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars."

We used to pay an in-house tech $70K-$80K a year. We wanted to lower our technology costs, but we still needed a go-to person who could deal with any issues. We put all of our trust in CompliancyIT, and they really did a great job. They helped us purchase a server and put in place the back-up we needed. They seemed to be one step ahead of the ‘corporate’ techs.

Diane Shar Assistant Controller
Hennecke, Inc.
We asked, “How did we do?” They answered: