Your small business experience might include those popular business conferences, which, at one point, solely used computers and projectors to display charts and graphs as the speaker discussed company statistics or goals. Post-pandemic, these handy technological tools do so much more, including connecting people from different locations to partake in that same meeting from wherever they are. As in-person contact normalizes, does video conferencing technology still have a place at the small business table?

Social distancing might be a thing of the past, but nobody is saying your small-to-medium enterprise has to go back to sitting around a large wooden table with all of your employees. Virtual meetings might be here to stay.

Remote Work for Employee Satisfaction at Smaller Businesses

Is it surprising that many employees feel the hardest part of their job is finding a way to physically be there? While some have small children at home that they cannot bring to a workplace daycare or leave with a sitter, others have elderly or disabled family members, demanding workout schedules, or commitments that make traveling harder. Even if there’s nothing keeping them at home, the commute itself may be taxing.

A USA Today survey reflects this tension, showing that 36% of white-collar workers want remote jobs and not to come in even once a week for meetings or other tasks. After the COVID-19 pandemic, about 41% said they would still consider fully remote jobs, and a third said they would quit if asked to return to the office.

Couldn’t telecommuting help you better create this work-life balance your small business’s employees are so clearly craving?

Better Communication in Small Businesses Leads To Higher Company Efficiency

Of course, another stressful endeavor is trying to hear every word someone is saying from across a crowded room or through a phone call with poor reception. If you’re setting up a meeting for a person to be speaking in front of you, you need clear quality video and audio. The right video conferencing technology could make that happen for your small business, easily improving communication efficiency and collaboration efforts.

According to Acrobits, your small business also needs to consider the following:

  • 93% of all communication comes from body language.
  • 90% of businesses feel that clear visuals make it easier to get one’s point across.
  • 94% of companies believe video meetings create up to a 50% productivity spike.

If less is lost in translation during conversations, won’t your company efficiency skyrocket? For small businesses, that could mean reaching goals faster, too.

The Green Solution for a Smaller Company Carbon Footprint

Your employees might carpool to work, take bikes, or even walk. However, if you have remote employees in other cities required to attend a certain meeting, your green trend evaporates on trains, planes, or long road trips. Think higher transportation and gas costs, emissions from excess carbon dioxide, and fossil fuel use–all of which are more avoidable with simple video conferencing technology!

Why not give your employees travel cost savings, boost your company’s energy-smart tactics, and save the earth? Make a change–do what you’ve probably been doing since 2020!

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