Finally, IT Services Developed Specifically
For Delivering Real Results To Fast Growing Manufacturers

What if I told you your fast-growing manufacturing company could have:

  • A CIO as a part of your Strategic Planning Team
  • An IT Manager to act as a liaison between your company and your automation and MRP software companies
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
  • On Demand Onsite Support
  • IT Systems Engineering for your Projects
  • Deployment Services for your IT Projects

….. For just a fraction of the cost of staffing in house, and for one FLAT rate per month?

You can have it with EDP IT
{Encompassing, Detailed, Process-Driven}

What specific results does EDP IT deliver?

  • Consulting and systems engineering services save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars every year by making sure you buy the right products and services the first time
  • Develop and implement a clear plan for the implementation of technology to help you comply with and attain Quality Standards (ISO, SQF, etc.)
  • Eliminate your unplanned/unbudgeted tech costs by AT LEAST 50%, while simultaneously increasing uptime and network availability.
  • Peace of mind that your computer, network, and automation systems are being managed and maintained so your team can focus on your core competencies to drive business growth.
  • Keep Automation Networks functioning at peak performance to deliver you reliable, meaningful data.
  • Save thousands of man-hours lost every year from employees working on systems that that do not function properly.

Thinking you’d rather not engage us on everything? Not a problem:

The 3 Core Areas of EDP IT

  • CONSULT – Engage us to assess where you are, your business goals, and we tell you what you need to do to get there
  • IMPLEMENT – Engage us to deploy the plans
  • MANAGE – Engage us to manage your IT systems – helpdesk, onsite support, IT-related systems vendor management

My name is Leia Shilobod and I’m the President and CEO of InTech Solutions. I am passionate about helping fast-growing and forward-thinking manufacturers succeed by leveraging technology.

If you are looking for a trusted partner who will sit on the same side of the table as you to help you make the right IT decisions and provide you with awesome IT support, then I’d love to talk to you.

In fact, give me 90 minutes, and I guarantee I can show you how to increase efficiencies in your business, avoid costly unforeseen IT purchases, and improve your automation network or I’ll give you a crisp, new $100 bill.

To take me up on my offer, call my office today at 724.235.8750 or fill in the form below and my Technology Concierge will call you to set up a time to meet.


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"We Saved Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars."

We used to pay an in-house tech $70K-$80K a year. We wanted to lower our technology costs, but we still needed a go-to person who could deal with any issues. We put all of our trust in CompliancyIT, and they really did a great job. They helped us purchase a server and put in place the back-up we needed. They seemed to be one step ahead of the ‘corporate’ techs.

Diane Shar Assistant Controller
Hennecke, Inc.