Program History

Since its inception in 2006, InTech has offered complimentary technology recycling for its clients. Soon we amassed a great quantity of computers: some non-function, but some functional with a little bit of help.

InTech owners Adam and Leia Shilobod saw a great impact on their own children with the exposure to computers, and a great need for computer technology in children’s programs. In 2011, Leia ran the first campaign to clients to upgrade to a new computer and we’d take their old computer, wipe it and prep it at our own cost, to go to a children’s program.

Although only 5 computers were gained for that campaign, the idea caught on with all our clients and every time a client gets rid of a usable computer, they look forward to knowing where their computer ends up. And whether that’s a local children’s program like a daycare, preschool, or YMCA, or a zero-landfill recycling center, they know their old technology will be put to good use.

Program Description and Outline

Computers for Kids offers recycled Windows-based computers, free of charge, for qualifying children’s programs, when available.

To be considered for free computers for your program, you must fill out the Program Application and Statement of Need and email it to or send it via mail to Leia Shilobod, InTech Solutions, 645 E Pittsburgh St., #342, Greensburg, PA 15601.

All computers donated to your organization are to be directly used by children. Computers for Kids does not donate computers for use by staff.

We cannot guarantee the availability or number of computers as this changes from time to time.

Computers for Kids donates both laptops and desktops.

At times we are also able to provide monitors, but this is not guaranteed.

All computers will come with a valid version of Microsoft Windows, free antivirus, OpenOffice, a web filtering program, mouse, and keyboard.


To apply for this program, download the application here:  Computers for Kids Application